DaVinci Resolve 11.1 Adds Independent Track Heights, Swap Edits, Gap Trimming, & More


Media Page Changes

  • Drag and drop of folder from Media Storage to Media Pool bin area preserves hierarchy
  • Additional Media Pool context menu: Reveal in Media Library
  • Subframe audio slipping for sync audio with shift left/right arrow shortcut
  • Performance improvements with Avid ISIS shared storage for better media and project collaboration

Edit Page Changes

  • Swap Edit via Cmd+Shift drag and Partial Swap via Cmd+Option drag
  • Trim support for Quicktime and MXF clips
  • Double click on a timeline clip to edit extents by changing in/out points in Source Viewer
  • Hold the shift key when adjusting Mark In/Out to slip shot in Source Viewer
  • Alt + Double click on a timeline clip to perform a match frame operation
  • Gap Trimming
  • Improved support for FCP X exported compound clips including multi-cam and sync clips
  • Native mixed frame rate support for compound clips
  • Bezier support for imported FCP X speed changes
  • Support for FCP X Import retime selection e.g. frame blending, optical flow
  • Improved AAF keyframe bezier and cubic interpolation
  • Full screen timeline option
  • Independent track heights
  • Selectable Safe-area outlines
  • Fade In/Out opacity sliders
  • Decompose compound clip in place
  • Renaming of compound clips
  • Improved asymmetric editing in trim mode
  • Allow transitions to be added to multiple selected clips via Cmd+T
  • Find Source Viewer clip in Media Pool via Option+F
  • ColorTrace support for copying Group grades
  • ColorTrace CDL improvements to specify DRX filenames for loading full Resolve grades
  • Alt+Click to expand/collapse Edit Inspector and OFX Parameter Panels

Color Page Changes

  • Object tracking and stabilization for compound clips
  • Second layer input for OFX plugins
  • Ability to pick colours in the viewer for OFX plugins
  • Alt+Click to expand/collapse OFX Parameter Panels
  • Group menu options to load/delete/rename groups
  • DSC Labs ChromaDuMonde 24+4 chart support for Color Match

General Enhancements

  • Support for visually lossless compressed DNG raw clips
  • Support for Panasonic Varicam vRaw and AVC-I
  • Color decode improvements for Phantom CINE RAW files
  • Phantom Cine Log gamma selection in camera raw settings
  • VFX I/O LUTs for Gamma 2.2 and Gamma 2.4
  • OpenCL support for Linux to support AMD GPUs
  • Added support for Dolby Vision image processing
  • Swap primary monitor option
  • Added ability to render locked shared projects
  • Mapping updates for Tangent Elements Panel
  • Support for OxygenTec Panel
  • General performance improvements

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