Have you even wonder where the name 20th Century Fox came from ? Let's turn back to 1915 to see


William G. Fox established Fox Film Corporation in 1915, as a merger of two of his companies: Greater New York Film Rental, a distribution firm, and Fox Attraction Company, a production company. The first Fox studios were in Fort Lee, New Jersey, but in 1916 the company moved to Edendale, Los Angeles, a mecca for silent-movie production. A year later, Fox’s studios moved to Hollywood.
Movietone technology was one of the earliest attempts to match sound to moving images and an important early acquisition for Fox Film. Pioneered by German and American engineers, Fox purchased the system 1926, and was able to begin using it in films a year later.
In 1927, Fox saw an opportunity to become a majority shareholder in Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, one of his largest competitors. He successfully purchased 55 percent of MGM’s stock, but in doing so outraged their management, who brought on a lawsuit against Fox. Courts eventually found Fox’s merger legally sound, but by 1930 his company was bankrupt and could no longer go through with the deal. In 1932, Fox was ousted as President, and under new leadership the company began negotiating a merger with 20th Century Pictures. The merger went though in 1935, and Fox Film Corporation today survives as 20th Century Fox.
Source ( http://digitalhistory.hsp.org/bnktr/org/fox-film-corporation)

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